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Jamia Markaz 43rd anniversary and convocation ceremony held on 31st March and 1st April 2021

Calicut: The 43rd Anniversary and convocation of Jamia Markaz has been concluded.
The two day event marked a historic moment of Markaz with the convocation of 2029 Saqafi scholars along with 313 Hafiz’s who memorized holy Qur’an. Chancellor of Jamia Markaz, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad handed over the certificates and academic gowns to the graduates.

There should be educational institutions commensurate with the population of each area. Only then will the constitutional concept of equality among citizens be appropriately fulfilled. The backward communities and minorities should be enriched with more educational development packages. A large percentage of those who lead international diplomatic education and technology projects are Indians. All of their education takes place mainly at Western Universities. Despite the rich human resources, the education system in India has a long way to go. Governments should strive to bring international standards to our universities and expand innovative courses: chancellor said.
To strengthen society academically, Markaz is ready to start new ventures. There are several campuses in 23 states of the country providing education from primary to degree-PG level. Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad said that Markaz Knowledge City is shaping the generation that has been educated at the international level and leads society’s future in the right direction. At the conference, 2029 Saqafi scholars who graduated in religious studies and 313 Hafiz who memorized the Holy Qur’an were given their graduation gowns and certificates. Sayyed Ali Bafaki, the president of Jamia Markaz, presided over the function; Syed Zainul Abidin Bafaki led the prayers. E Sulaiman Musliar has inaugurated the grand ceremony, C Muhammad Faizi delivered the keynote address and Dr AP Abdul Hakeem Azhari delivered the introductory speech.

Perodu Abdurahman Saqafi, Dr Mohammad Farooq Naimi, AP Mohammad Musliar Kanthapuram, KK Ahmad Kutty Musliar Kattipara, Dr Hussain Saqafi Chullikode and VPM Faizi Villappally spoke on occasion. Sayyed Mohammad Turab Thangal welcomed, and CP Ubaidullah Saqafi delivered the vote of thanks.