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Jamia Markaz Commenced Ramadan campaign; Ramadan-al-Amal

Calicut: Proud start to the Markaz Ramadan campaign, titled Ramadan Amal. The campaign was launched before Ramadan, delivering dates to tens of thousands of homes in Kerala. The Markaz Central Campus in Karanthur and the Markaz Knowledge City are the main centres where various projects being implemented during Ramadan.

The Markaz 43rd Annual Conference’s conclusion will take place on the 24th of Ramadan (May 6). The spiritual meeting, which is part of the Markaz Conference, will also be held at this venue. Prominent Sayyids and scholars of the state will participate in the grand event, and Kanthapuram AP Aboobacker Musliar will lead the ceremony.

Spiritual Lectures will be delivered every Saturday and Sunday of Ramadan by the dignitaries like AP Muhammad Musliar, C Mohammad Faizi, Muhyuddin Sa’adi Kottukkara, Latheef Saqafi Kanthapuram, Alavi Saqafi Kayalam, Lukhmanul Hakeem Saqafi Pullara, Samad Saqafi Mayanad, and Falil Noorani Devathiyal. In addition to this, Syed Jazeel Kamil Saqafi delivers Lectures on various topics every day after the Taraweeh prayers at the Markaz Masjidul Hamili.

Markaz-led Iftars and Ramadan relief programs are being held in Delhi, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Kashmir Ladakh. An extensive recitation of the Maulid and Badr Martyrs’ memorials will be held at the Markaz Masjid on Badr Day (Ramadan 17). Jamia Markaz will organize its foundation day on April 18 Sunday. Markaz Day events will lead by Syed Ali Bafakih, the president of Jamia Markaz