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Making blasphemy a political weapon; Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad on The International Milad Conference

Kozhikode: Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad said that there is a growing trend of using blasphemy as a weapon to cultivate hatred and animosity among the people for reaping political benefits.
He was delivering the keynote speech at the International Milad Conference organized by Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya. The tendency to promote religious blasphemy in the name of freedom of expression must be discouraged and should put an end. Contempt and criticism are different. Paradoxically, even countries that strictly enforce anti-Semitism laws are also igniting the sparks of anti-Islamic sentiment. Only responsible freedom of expression can move society forward. The opposite attitude will lead humanity to anarchy. Sheikh Abubakr said.
Inaugurating the conference, Malaysian Minister of Religious Affairs Dr Dulkifli Mohammed Al Bakri said that love for the Prophet Muhammad is a unifying sentiment of the Muslim world. Prophet Muhammad taught the message of perpetuating co-operation and compassion among human beings. He also demanded that the society should come forward to spread the message of the Prophet to the maximum in this time when human beings are dividing into multiple strata.

The resolution adopted by the Markaz International Milad Conference called on various nations to bring in legislation to combat organized violence against Muslims. Violence against Muslims and Islamic beliefs must bring under the purview of racism. Unfortunately, every country is turning Muslims into a tool to cover up domestic problems and economic crises.
The conference also demanded that the blasphemy laws be applied equally to all religious communities. The resolution condemned the atrocities in France. Those who have received the sweetness of faith cannot participate in violence. The conference also opined that instead of viewing the isolated atrocities committed by ignorant people as such, it is not right to
campaign in the name of the whole society. Grand Mufti of Egypt, Dr Shoukhi Ibrahim Allam was the chief guest.
Syed Ali Bafaki led the prayers. Global fame Madh Ghazal performers like Uwais Raza Qadiri, Mustafa Atif Egypt, Sheikh Shuhaib Hussaini Iraq, Sheikh Hamadi Makhdoomi Syria were conducted fantastic performances.
international eminent scholars such as Samastha President E Sulaiman Musliar, Kerala Muslim Jamaat General Secretary Syed Ibrahimul Bukhari, Sheikh Mohammed Awwam Syria, Grand Mufti of Chechniya, Sheikh Salah Masiv, Sheikh Osama Rifai Lebanon, Dr Hisham Kharisa Tunisia, Sheikh Osama Al-Munasi, Sheikh Mohammed Al Yaqubi Morocco, Sheikh Abdul Aziz Khateeb Hasani, Sheikh Abdurrahman Raouf Yamani China, Sheikh Aun Qaddoumi Jordan, Sheikh Faisal Abdul Razzaq Canada, Sheikh Abu Islam Sweden, Sheikh Mohammed Abdullah Brazil, Sheikh Abdul Wahid, Sheikh Mohammed Bistari Albania, Sheikh Mohammed Abdul Bari Somalia, Sheikh Ahmad Nayoki Japan, Sheikh Mohammed Abdurrahman Thailand and Dr Shihabuddin Gusanov Dagestan were delivered speeches at the conference.
Choirs from ten countries sang hymns, which became an international venue for the glorification of the Prophet. Markaz General Manager C Muhammad Faizi welcomed, and Hafiz Abubaker Saqafi Pannoor thanked the global event.
International Milad Conference organized by Markazu Saquafathi Sunniyya is also blessed with the 17th Madhu Rasool speech of the Grand Mufti of India, Sheikh Abubakr Ahmad.


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